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67-272: Application Design and Development

Carnegie Mellon University
Spring 2021 - Professor Heimann

Profh teaching

This course provides students with the concepts and techniques to design and develop software applications, and to understand the design process. Students will learn the importance of user-centered design and will develop a prototype of a web application as a course project. In the process of developing the application, students will learn how to design and create relational databases, how to acquire competency in new programming languages quickly, how to use the Model-View-Controller pattern to develop software applications, how to ensure technical quality in software development, and how to apply principles of user-centered design. This course is a required professional core course and is open only to sophomores and juniors in the IS major who have completed 67-250 or equivalent.

It needs to be stressed to students that this course is not a programming class designed to make them fluent in one specific language. The goal of this course is to help students develop competency with several key technologies used in web development and e-commerce and to provide them with the principles needed to make effective use of these technologies. To further prepare students for a lifetime of learning, we will be teaching the actual programming segments of the class using the industry norm of "just-in-time" learning. We will give students an overview of the keys points of the programming language as needed for each upcoming project, but expect students to follow up on these presentations with reading and self-directed study to fill in any gaps in learning. Our goal is to enable students to be effective learners and compete in an industry where life-time learning is the norm.

Links at the top and bottom of the page should direct students to relevant course materials (schedule, course policies, project assignments and the like) that are being used for the Spring 2021 semester in Pittsburgh. The general policies link are for those adopted by the IS Program; all will be adhered to in this course.