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67-272 Lecture Schedule

Spring 2021

Below is a listing of the lectures and reading for each class. The schedule is only applicable for the current semester. This schedule is also tentative and may be changed as conditions merit it. If our pace is faster or slower than anticipated, then I will add or delete items at my discretion. Any changes will be announced in class and class announcements supersede the schedule presented here.

Date Topic Resources
February 2 Introduction; Git  Agile Web Dev, ch. 1  Physics Bowl video  Lecture 1 on Box
February 4 Data Modeling & Use Cases  Lecture 2 on Box
February 9 Ruby, Rails and MVC  Agile Web Dev, ch. 4  MVC Exercise Video  Lecture 3 on Box  TryRuby: Learn Ruby Programming
February 11 Creating a Rails App  Agile Web Dev, ch. 2  Proverbs app code  Lecture 4 on Box  Proverbs app walkthrough
February 16 Phase 1; Rails Models  Agile Web Dev, ch. 3  ActiveRecord Basics Demo  Lecture 5 on Box
February 18 Rails Models and SQL  PATS Relations and Scopes  Migration Guide  Lecture 6 on Box  PATS v1 code
February 23 Break Day
February 25 Models and Business Logic *  Agile Web Dev, ch. 20  Callbacks illustrated  Lecture 7 on Box
March 2 Unit Testing  Agile Web Dev, ch. 7  University App code  Romanic testing code  Lecture 8 on Box
March 4 More Unit Testing  Agile Web Dev, ch. 21  Lecture 9 on Box  List of Shoulda Matchers
March 9 Views & Controllers, Pt. 1  Agile Web Dev, ch. 22  University starter code  Rails-to-SQL exercises, pt. 1  Rails-to-SQL exercises, pt. 2  Rails-to-SQL exercises, pt. 3  Lecture on Box  CRUD through and through
March 11 Designing Web Apps *  Designing the Obvious, ch. 1-6  Lecture 11 on Box
March 16 Views & Controllers, Pt. 1  Designing the Obvious, ch. 7-11  Lecture 12 on Box
March 18 Views & Controllers, Pt. 2  Lecture 13 on Box
March 23 Designing Web Apps  Lecture 14 on Box  Design Lecture Slides
March 25 Designing Web Apps *  Lecture 15 on Box
March 30 Ruby Object Model  Code examples  Lecture 16 on Box
April 1 Refactoring  Agile Web Dev, ch. 15  Lecture 17 on Box
April 6 Authentication  PATS v3 code  Lecture 18 on Box  Protecting passwords with salt & pepper
April 8 Authorization *  Lecture 19 on Box
April 13 Rollbacks and Callbacks  Lecture 20 on Box
April 15 Break Day  Taking a break...
April 20 Building APIs, pt. 1  Insomnia app  PATS API  Lecture 21 on Box  Postman app
April 22 Building APIs, pt 2 *  Lecture 22 on Box
April 27 Adding search to applications  Lecture 23 on Box  Indexing overview
April 29 Design and Information  Google Maps compared  CMU Home compared  Lecture 24 on Box  Lecture slides
May 4 More on Design; Deploying Web Apps  Agile Web Dev, ch. 17  Lecture 25 on Box
May 6 Course Review *  Lecture 26 on Box