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67-272 :: Phase 1: Databases and Use Cases

Professor Heimann's sons (twins Alex and Mark) are taking a break from their entrepreneurial ways and moving in a philanthropic direction by starting up ScienceQuiz, an organization promoting science by encouraging students to participate in a series of science quiz events. Your job this semester is to construct an online application that will help ScienceQuiz track and calculate results from these science-based quizzes.

To help you in this endeavor, you are provided with several items that you will find links to at the bottom of this page. The first is a narrative describing important facts about ScienceQuiz, how science quizzing is conducted, and what is needed from this online application. The remaining files are templates for documents that you will need in this phase; this templates must be used unless the student has gotten approval in advance from Prof. H for an alternative format. Failure to use the templates will result on zero grades for those segments requiring the use of the template.

In this phase, we will focus on creating and documenting the data model that will be needed to create the online application. This phase will constitute 3 percent of your final course grade and is broken down into the following components:

1. Basic Data Model: Students will provide an entity-relationship diagram (computer generated; no hand drawings accepted), a database design in 3NF (see template below), and a data dictionary (see template below). All documents must be internally consistent. The database must be in 3NF.

2. Use Cases: Students will provide a set of uses cases that the system must implement to be considered fully working. Students will use the use case template provided below to structure their document.

Student solutions to this phase are to be turned in via the dropbox on Canvas no later than 4:00pm on Thursday, February 11. Solutions to guide you on the next phase will be available on the course site the next day, so absolutely no late assignments will be accepted.

If you have questions regarding the turn-in of this project or problems downloading any of the materials below, please post them on Piazza or ask someone well in advance of the turn-in date. Waiting until the day before it is due to get help is unwise -- you risk not getting a timely response that close to the deadline and will not be given an extension because of such an error.

Additional Information and Supporting Materials:

Case Narrative for ScienceQuiz
ScienceQuiz Scoresheet Sample
High-Level Use Case Template
Database Design Template
Data Dictionary Template
Use Cases Defined (from class)


Due Date: February 11, 2021

Weight: 3.0